HHF Community Mall is the Worlds 1st Online Mall, and is designed to help you SAVE MONEY!
Shopping HHF Community Mall has many benefits:

1. Shop any time,  any where, everyday savings, shop and ship anywhere even internationally, plan your shopping, no impulse buying, one stop shopping, saving up to 80% off!

2.  Helps the Environment  by limiting or stopping you driving around to find what you want, wasting gas a hidden expense of shopping, you know if it's in stock, every color
and size, find items you didn't know the stores sold we have the FULL INVENTORY, same day pick up in many LOCAL major stores at the DISCOUNTED PRICE, shop in store
without a cart, FREE SHIPPING ( check store policy regarding free shipping), the EXACT items at lower prices.

3. Hand & Hand Foundation (HHF) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit and supports needed community programs like homeless services, children services, fresh food, water programs,
education programs and many more.

The best part of this program is the time and money you save  online shopping in one place with everything from A to Z, and you help your community just by shopping through
us like normally would do...Nothing extra!

Just like a Brick & Mortar mall you are buying from the store NOT US, each store is responsible for all orders and fulfilment.

Now you are free to SHOP-SAVE-SUPPORT!
Welcome to Hand & Hand Foundation Community Mall!
1-2-3 shopping! 1. Just click on the Mall Directory, 2. Pick a store logo or name, 3. Shop from their website with our discount codes !!
Even without a code you can save Thousands of Dollars a year shopping in the HHF MALL!
Some links may have a different landing page than the main store front because of SPECIAL SALES!
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