About Hand & Hand Foundation

Hand & Hand Foundation was founded in 2007 by President Stacy Spencer and CEO Harris Walker.

Stacy Spencer is a life long resident of the Sacramento area, Born in Sacramento, she has first hand knowledge of what's going on in the community. Having worked in the Sacramento- Elk Grove community's with Wal-Mart as the community donation representative/ supervisor,she has worked with the Maloof Foundation,The Sacramento King's (NBA) and Sacramento Monarchs (WNBA) Basketball teams, The Sacramento Heatwave (ABA) Basketball team, Revolution Take Over Entertainment,The Sacramento Children's Home, Breast Cancer walks, and various charity organizations, churches and school's in and around the Sacramento area and beyond.

Harris Walker a retired national businessman, Born in New Orleans, moved to California as a small child, and grew up in the bay area and has traveled throughout 49 of the 50 states the USA as an independent businessman most of his adult life, and has always worked with young adults and children to help guide, motivate and promote positive idea's in their lives. Working with and having children of their own, both saw the same needs in our's and most all community's in the USA. To help in getting the community needs met, formed Hand & Hand Foundation to actively take a roll in helping bring about change.

food to education to recycling to clean water for all, Hand & hand foundation is there.

We create sustainable financially viable green programs to help fund or mission while creating jobs in the communty, yes we actually work to earn the funds for what we believe in.

in doing so we partner with businesses , which are the cornerstone to every community, to help them stay or become environmentally sound, while providing promotional and other benefits while helping us to keep the missions going and growing. Every program is environmentally based while addressing multiple problems cross the country and are designed to help you SAVE money, and in some cases EARN.

Make sure you click the programs links on the front page to see how we do what we do. join us in our programs and support your business while helping the people who made it successful.

That is sustainability.


To help our children become productive citizens by affording them with the opportunity's every American child should have by birthright. Food, Water, Shelter, Protection and Education. While protecting our planets environment and the life it sustains.

We say "OUR" in the mission statement because whether it is your child or someone else's, they are still a factor in the future of your county and country. Looking back in our country's history, many people who shaped this country from inventors to politicians became who they were because someone gave them a opportunity and help guide them into productive citizens.The problem is where to start? The problem is so big most people don't know where to start to help. There are so many charity's and organizations you can get lost in the confusion, so you end up doing nothing.Hand & Hand Foundation is the answer. Through public events, shows, Green theme project's and donation's, Hand & Hand works alongside various charity's and organizations to accomplish theirs, ours, and your goal, to help our children become productive, by working "HAND & HAND" together!

The most important mission is protecting and helping to heal our environment. Without that ALL life as we know it ends. now i know there some who don't believe in the environmental threat, but you do believe in clean streets, lake and rivers, clean beaches and vacations spots, if that what you believe then you are an environmentalist without knowing.