Cans 4 Kids Recycling Program (C4K)

What C4K does

Hand & Hand Foundation is an children’s and environmental 501 (C) (3) non-profit and licenced Ca. State Community recycler. We have a Free CRV recycling program for businesses Cans 4 Kids or C4K, it is designed to do 3 major things:

1. Help fund our goal to help our children become better citizens by helping to provide them the rights they have as American citizens: Education, Safe shelter, Food, Water, Medical, and Protection.

2. To help YOU to recycle properly but also to help you save money and giveback at the same time.

3. To live in balance with the environment and show the benefits of recycling, we reduce the amount of recycle in landfills, and we help reduce the greenhouse effect in the world & we can create jobs which we all benefit from, without people working all business stops.

Through recycling we can create nine (9) jobs, where by throwing recycle in garbage, going into landfills we create only one. How it benefits your business: Your business will be in compliance with all local and federal recycle laws. We are a Licensed State of California recycler's and a 501(c) 3 nonprofit. Your business will show it’s a company that cares about children and the environment. A majority of funds go to children’s and environmental programs, our C4K partners are listed on our website.

In most cases you will be able to reduce the cost of recycle and garbage pickup, recycling properly reduces your load because most of your garbage is recyclable. This includes Glass, Plastic,plastic film, Aluminum (foil too), White Paper & Cardboard. Due to the low cost of recycling cardboard we will be asking for a monthly donation of $50 to $150 for card board only. This should also be a tax write off. We provide cans, and scheduled pickup up to every 2 weeks or as needed. We will rinse, deodorize, disinfect or replace your cans at pick up if needed and facility's are available.


Feel free to contact us with questions or comments!