Hand & Hand Foundation's Healthy home Program (HHP) is a designed community of affordable, environmentally green, self-sustaining, housing or business units. Designed to be healthier for you, your finances, and the environment.

1. The Environmental Benefits: The HHP is significant in the fact that it helps solve multiple environmental problems. There are over 500,000 Shipping containers on our docks in the USA, that are now an unsightly, environmental problem, HHP will help relieve this issue by using these containers as base-building material for new homes, shelters, community building projects, and businesses. The green modular designs are can be on 100% off-grid, self-contained all-electric structures, providing its water supply and energy, solar alone, or solar & wind combination and can be grid-tied based. The structures are mainly designed to be raised off the ground on steel pylons and without a base concrete foundation, this will give any building structure the smallest green footprint of structures of similar size, also will help protect the structure in extreme weather like hurricanes, tornados by allowing air to flow around the structure. By using the HHP build the design creates a zero-maintenance building, which also lessens the environmental impact by not having to do maintenance or replacements, even the lighting is low energy LED, which also has a life span of 15-20 years. Each unit is also RECYCLABLE!

2. The Economic Benefits: Construction costs are lower approx by 1/4- 1/3 the cost of a conventional wood frame build, build time is about 50% faster. This is possible because of the pre-designed, modular building design that allows faster construction-assembly, also because not having to pour a foundation saves money and costly time. Adding additional units to expand space is less costly. The structures are designed to be self-sufficient not having to depend on municipal power, water, sewage, or natural gas, being that the design has NO natural gas going to it, this also reduces the building cost and danger's associated with natural gas. The HHP building design is ultra-modern with GREEN energy & cost-saving devices. Instant-on hot water devices instead of traditional or even tankless water heaters, water will heat faster, saving water. If a unit goes out it can be replaced in less than 45 min., Low energy LED lighting with a 15-20 year lifespan, Ductless area air conditioning w/heat, eliminating the need and maintaining of air ducts, allows the user to heat or cool areas as needed not the entire structure saving energy. Extremely low future maintenance cost and eliminating the dependency on municipal water, power, even sewage. The building cost is lower because the concrete, steel, and glass modular construction reduce this cost the building is maintenance-free, making them fire, termite, insect, hurricane, earthquake, and flood-resistant in most extreme weather cases structurally. Repairs are cost-efficient and faster, lowering future maintenance costs. Eliminating the need for Municipal gas, water & power in a zero maintenance structure, equals more saving for you, the city, or the county on utility costs which will continue to rise yearly. The HHP building technology is designed to reduce building costs, provide better quality, safer, healthier buildings. We almost eliminated future costs.

3. Social Impact: The HHP is designed to reduce building costs, provide better quality, safer, healthier buildings. We almost eliminated future costs. By hiring the homeless we tap an unused talent pool, using the skills and/or train the homeless to build the shelters & structures, including any supporting staff. By partnering with other non-profit and for-profit homeless & social services we can attack a multitude of social and economic problems for the homeless population, while saving taxpayers current and future dollars for the city, county & state, while helping to reintegrate people back into society by affording the homeless a home, jobs, and reintegration into society living and working together to solve a problem they experienced first hand creates self-esteem and self-worth and eliminate a financial drain on taxpayers and protects our environment.

4. The Health Benefits: The inside air quality will be better. The air is filtered to 0.02 microns through the atmospheric water machines air filters and air not used is returned cool & cleaner inside the structure, which will also help maintain a cooler living space, while providing 99.99% pure water to the structure for all use. Anti-bacteria mode uses high-intensity LED UV lights to kill bacteria in the air inside the structure, this mode can be set to automatic or manually controlled and is an option. This proven method is safe for humans and pets without having to use chemicals. The water system provides 99.9% pure water from the air, containing no chemicals, drugs, organic or inorganic material of any kind, and is bacteria-free, requiring only a filter change every 6 months, 20+ year avg lifespan, low-cost repairs. these are just some of the benefits of The Healthy Homes program. We are launching a Gofundme to build the 1st set of structures I hope you will support it! You can also donate directly at any Chase bank under Hand & Hand Foundation. ALL donations are a tax write-off and will be used to build this great program. Click here to support our Gofundme The Healthy Homes Program...The only home you benefit from without living in it.

Click here to support our Gofundme The Healthy Homes Program.

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